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My name is Benoit Schrijnemakers but I should probably just go for Ben. Not as difficult and way nicer! I started this blog for my friends and family so they can keep an eye on what I'm doing over here. Obviously, the next three years will be a challenge and this is the place where all the memories will go. I'm looking forward to you guys joining me on my trip!


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May 8, 2011

That's all ;)
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May 7, 2011

I just need to get this out of my system:


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May 4, 2011

This is what I'm going to give to my date on Saturday...

Geek love <3
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May 2, 2011

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April 29, 2011

Hey guys!

Just doing a quick update here! For my art class, I had to make "a work of art combined with a musical piece". I decided to make a stop-motion with post-its and it turned out really cool, I think. It took us seven days to make and now I decided to put it up here with some other videos I made.

Here we go, it's here, it's the post-it video!

This is a video I made for my friends. They wanted to have something to show people how they dance, so I decided to help them out.

This video is about my cat. I had to do a presentation about him, Zorro, for my German class so once again decided to make a little video about him.

This one I made when I came back from America last year. I only recorded the things that were in here, so it was all I had and this is what it turned out to be....

Another video I made for another class. This time we had an assignment for English: promote a newspaper. This is what my friend, Saar and I did.

First ever video I made... I was a big fan of One Tree Hill and then I got this idea.

Theeeeere you go guys, bye bye! Xx
9:07 PM

April 26, 2011

Oi peeps!

Just finished off my homework for the day and thought it'd be a cool idea to upload some of the pictures I took during my stay in America last year. I went to see a couple of things, but the place where I decided I wanted to get into the movie business was Hollywood... I got there, saw the mighty sign on the hills and got over-emotional. Then I figured: this is the place where I belong. So here we are, nearly a year past that moment and just waiting for my Student Visa to arrive. Anyway, here are some of my pictures!

This is where it all began: the mighty Studio Tour... 

This car made me laugh out loud!

And obviously I had to take a picture of this car.
('cause it reminded me of Mcfly, DUH!)

Then we drove from Wisteria lane...

... Right into the "War Of The Worlds"-set.

Memo to self: need to return there soonish!

9:48 PM

Hello, my fellow zero followers!

My lay out is finished and it's looking fabulous! I tried and I failed, so I have Pascale to thank!
You can check out her blog on http://londoncallingpascale.blogspot.com/ . I love the blog, PLUS the look of it! Anywho, this was just a quick thanks and now I'm off to sleep... School starts again tomorrow.

Sleep tight, mind the bedbugs don't bite!
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